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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Telegram

Telegram is a tool for sending information in bulk to a large audience. If you write a message on your channel, no one can see your personal data, the message is sent to the audience on behalf of the channel (with the channel name and picture). Users who have joined the channel can also see previously sent messages regardless of when they joined the channel. You can also add additional admins to make it easier to manage and keep your channel active.

Whats the difference between Public and Private Channels?

Public channels have a username: users can find the channel and subscribe to it. Private channels are closed communities, there only possible by invitation or if you are added by the admin of the channel.

Is paid subscription available?

Yes, it is possible, but such an opportunity is available to private channels as well as public channels with 1000 or more subscribers.

How many channels can I create?

It is possible to create only 8 public channels/groups or 500 private ones. A maximum of 500 channels can be subscribed to.

What happens if an admin deletes a previously posted message?

The deleted message will disappear from all subscribers.

What actions can Admins take?

Channel admins can send and delete messages, add subscribers (up to the initial 200), remove them, change the channel name and picture, change the username (Username), as well as delete the channel completely. The creator of the channel has the right to add other admins to help him manage the channel. Any new admin can be granted or denied rights to perform any specific action in the channel.

Will my contacts be notified if I create a new channel?

No, Telegram does not send any notifications to your friends if you create a new channel. Your friends can only know that you've created a channel if you tell them about it.

How can I effectively promote my channel?

If your channel is public, then everyone can access your channel with a direct link, you can for example copy that link and paste it on your social pages for advertising purposes, or for example generate a QR code of your channel link via Telegram and paste it on various physical and virtual platforms. In addition, you can place your channel in different catalogs like ours, you can also order ads to display your channel separately on our website. It is not recommended to send your channel link or spam link to strangers, your channel can be blocked quite quickly if there are a certain number of complaints.

What does the eye symbol tell next to my messages?

It shows the number of views of your message. Each user who reads any message on your channel (or just displays that message on the latter's screen) increases the number of views by one. Note, however, that this figure is approximate and does not take into account certain circumstances, such as when a user views the same message multiple times.

Whats the advantages of Telegram versus WhatsApp?

The advantages of Telegram over WhatsApp and also over all other similar programs are quite a lot, here we can single out only the most important ones.
1. With Telegram, you can have a public username (Username), through which any other user can search your account without having your phone number, and there is also an option to hide the phone number from anyone.
2. Unlike WhatsApp, it is possible to use up to 3 accounts in Telegram at the same time, and up to 5 in the case of a Premium subscription.
3. WhatsApp can't reliably save your data, and it only saves it to your phone's memory.
4. WhatsApp has strict limits on the size of the file being sent, and also does not have the ability to specify the quality of the picture being sent.
5. There are no channels on WhatsApp, and groups are limited to 200 users, and there is no ability to organize conversations into folders.
6. In Telegram, it is possible to schedule the sending of emails and send them automatically at a clearly defined time
7. There are mini-programs in Telegram called Bots, which will help you implement any action automatically, up to sales and accepting payments.

Why is my channel not on the list

There are two reasons for this. Either we didn't notice your channel on Telegram, or it didn't meet the requirements for publication on the site, details of the requirements can be found below. If your channel meets all the requirements for publication but is still not posted on our site, you can click on the "Add" button at the top of the site and submit a request. However, please note that channels are only added to the site after a thorough review. Please do not send the same request several times, it will not speed up the verification process.

What conditions must my channel meet in order to be included in the list

1․ It must be obvious that the channel is related to Armenia and Armenians or must be of Armenian origin, in which case it is acceptable that the content of the channel does not meet the first condition.
2. The channel must have at least 100 subscribers (how you can increase the number of subscribers to your channel you will find above).
3. The last post on the channel must be no earlier than 1 month old (exceptions are governmental, brand and celebrity channels).
4. The channel content should not be related to drugs or psychotropic substances, gambling, pyramid schemes or obviously dishonest financial structures and schemes of various kinds.
5. The channel must not be intended for adults.
6. Publications on the channel must not contain texts that provoke open aggression, ridicule or humiliation of a person, as well as profanity.
7. The actions mentioned in point 6 must not be common in the comments to the publications on the channel.

Please also note that the channels on the site are regularly checked and channels violating the above conditions will be removed from the list.